Prime Pax

Prime Pax

Gamified Peace Work




Primordial pax, prime-pax, is a LARP game (Life action role play) played online and in daily life. it is Peace work gamified. the peace, ethics and human rights field of work of the LDMF Foundation has been gamified. games created serve as platform for preventive peace actions, and peace campaigns developed with volunteers and core crew members, trained for the missions set.




Players receive training and/or tasks on key peace work missions. according to their achievements receive points, rank and clearance, that will allow them to receive more knowledge, training and complex missions. Individual path for the game is provided, as well as side operations with teams. leadership roles may be taken by players with rank and assignments. teams are also welcome to register for the game. will receive individual and at the same time collective missions and roles within their team.




The first step, in order to participate, is, after register, to complete on first mission that will help the game masters to assess starting skills, qualifications and experience. according to the results of this first set of missions, the players will be assigned to a field of the game.




Players do request a new mission, with the description of their fields of interest and skills they do bring for it or wish to develop or receive those assigned to them by the gamemaster.