The Matrix 9+ Game Generator


It is an engine able to produce multidimensional games that enhances human perception, self-awareness and self-consciousness. the games are designed for specific purposes or focus on the development of particular skills or activation/application of own potential and capacity.


For example: leadership, perception, decision making, strategy design, emotional self-management, communication, collaboration, emotional self-management, emotional time management, self-knowledge, personal development, matrix thinking, assessment, co-creation, and others.


Games List


  • The LDMF Foundation, through the Matrix 9+ Game Generator Project provides several games, to be read in the list on the right side of this web page.
  • More information about each of the games is made available to the invited guests.


How to Join?


  • Chose the game from the list, and write a web message (form at the right side of this page) in order to apply for an invitation to the game.




  • Games are created for training purposes but as well for business, leisure, love relationships, travel, governance, economy.


Rules in the Matrix 9+


  • Each game has its own rules. While all games, may, at certain level of their story, suggest a task/mission or challenge that would bring the heroe, traveler to another game, with new rules.


Player Communities


  • Games players have the alternative to join a private community. Communities will be hosted for players according to their rank, and points, at social networks and private forums listed in this page.




  • Solo players receive missions/tasks or challenges directly from the Game Master; and by reporting results, receive points and new missions if apply.


  • Couples players, will receive instructions on how to play and use the widgets and tools created at this website, that will help them to play.


  • Players Circles, are made of individual and couple players that wish to play within a circle, still private in its nature. Eventually, according to game roles, function and responsibilities will be given to the play circle members.


Points, Gifts, Prizes, Trading Rights, Primordial Suns, Money


  • The currency of the LDMF Foundation is the Primordial Sun (REF Primordial Economy, Legal Tender). There are 9 kind of coins given as prizes or money, each coin is associated to each of the 9 elements ( REF: The 9 Families) that can be utilized within the Golden Guild Theta, private network of the LDMF Foundation. From those the Primordial sun of earth, the coin that belongs to the earth element, can be exchanged with international currency, like EUR, for example. Along


  • While points are given for any task completed, are also taken. Players start with 9000 points. In order to change of level or rank, must first reach a number of points.


  • Some missions are given only for points, other suggest prizes, money, gifts or trading rights.


  • Gift Certificates may include discounts up to 100% of LDMF Foundation and Golden Guild Theta (Network members) services, products and publications.


Conditions to join, Invitation


  • Players must be invited, or apply for an invitation through a web message in this page.




  • Some games, levels or rooms of the game include the payment of fees as condition for participation.

Fees of some levels of the game may be paid through the points accumulated or primordial suns received.




  • A Matrix 9+ membership will reduce the fees, and give players the possibility to start the game with more points, trading abilities, and budget (primordial suns), that may be used along a game or for the payment of fees. The membership fee offers a reduced investment in EUR, in comparison to the alternative payment of fees when requested.


The Primordial Sun Bank


  • It is a service of the LDMF Foundation, which registers the trading, gifts and primordial suns adquisition, exchange and accounts of every player, and provides reports every season. Players may request in any moment a status on their accounts.


Game Starts, Meeting other Players


  • The game starts in any moment.
  • Solo players may join a community only if reached the necessary number of points.
  • Play circles, a private set of players, as well may join a community only of reached the necessary number of points.
  • The pupose of this rule is that only experienced and serious players join the players community (rank). Points are not enough.
  • Players start with the rank of candidate to white belt. If eligible will be invited to an assessment for the white belt rank.
  • Players with white belt, the first rank given, may join the first level of the players community.
  • According to game, invitation to rank assessment or points would be necessary for additional community players level.
  • There exists games for wich money and wealth management are the main purpose of the game, which are paid, and for which a budget is necessary.


Private Games


  • A players circle may request to go through all levels of a particular game with a private modality.
  • In principle solo players and couples players enjoy from 100% privacy.