The Game of the Gods

When the Game Started ?


The Game of the Gods and Goddesses. When the game started? The game is like breathing, it has no beginning and no end. After reaching the 5th stage of development, the gods and goddesses found that their union with the source of all that is have been and will be would make them feel complete and joyful, there for started a new journey up to the 9+ stage of development. For their surprise, when they arrived to it, found themselves enjoying from divine activities at their own temples. The Gods and Goddesses of the Sun Lineage, extended their golden grid among the divine verse, waving the quantum verse and recreating the multiverse. As for their own self-enjoyment they found their own journey back to source as a jewel of adventure and decided to share it, but with whom? The gods and goddesses in prime self union are self-expressions of prime source itself, they are the blessing of the core of all that is have been and will be. To whom may fall their own blessings? Must be a hero, a traveler, capable of such a wisdom, transformation and self-mastery, able to face all challenges and overcome the fate of all destinies, wise to travel among all time lines and capable of great knowledge. Who may have such qualities? Who would be able to reach in one single life time the end of the world, the origin and the destiny, who would bring together in own heart heaven and under earth? Who knows, do you know? only Prime Source knows! May be a golden path be made available for them to reach the sacred lands of Asgard, Olympus, Ambrosia. May the cities and traces of the culture of the Primes, be of guidance, and assistance for travelers and heroes to become the new generations of Gods and Goddesses. For them, have been set the game.


Travelers and Heroes


The travelers and heroes found traces of the Prime Culture, the Culture of the Gods and the Goddesses in prime self union, and discovered secret paths for them to reach the 9+ stages of development as well.


  • Oh Traveler! Hero of the 9 times, will you listen to the messages left by the Prime Culture? Where will your adventure start?


  • If you are now here, listening to this call, is because you have been chosen by the Gods and the Goddesses, and will be soon challenged!


Where to join/play the game ?


  • The platform of the game is within the LDMF Foundation website, all domains and subdomains and every embeed document, video or image that appears in them.


  • The information and secrets of the game have been placed carefully there for you to discover them.


  • While the game isnt played only online, but also along your travels and in your daily life. You can choose where to playand when to play.


How to play?


When you find any of the following signs marked in banners, buttoms, pages or images on our domain and subdomains sites, means there is a star gate, a starting point for you to play the game.


The following signs need to be followed:



  • Play the game!
  • You are a guest of the game master!
  • The Game of the Gods
  • If the Prime Source wants
  • The Blessings of the Gods
  • The Nectar of the Gods
  • The Culture of the Primes
  • The Luck of the Gods
  • The Wrath of the Gods
  • The 9 families
  • The Intervention of the Gods
  • The Nordic Settlement


You will find an example of those on the right side of this page. We designed your first missions.


But remember there are many more signs to find, in our domain and subdomains, and each of them will lead you to a new adventure.


Think Quick!


0. Life is a gamified Journey!


Remember there is only a time window available for you to enter the star gate! SO use your time wisely. Make the right choices!


By clicking on the sign you will be sent to another world (page) where instructions will be given, follow the instructions, learn the rules, observe the codex, and win the attention of the gods and the goddesses in prime self union. They may be one day on your favor.


You can also learn to play by taking very simple missions!


How to win a stage / room / dimension / challenge / task of the game?


If you have followed the instructions correctly you will reach the realm of a secret of wisdom and knowledge, or a secret of love, or one of the prime culture. Be creful, you must be able to communicate that secret preceisely, and on time, to the gods and goddesses in prime self union.


The Prime Temples


For this purpose of communication, the gods and goddesses created Prime Temples, for hero and travelers to ask for their attention and presence. Every thursday at 9.00 Am and at 09.00 pm, you can enter the realm of the prime temple (only at any of our domain or subdomain pages) and send a message to the gods and goddesses in prime self union, announcing you have completed a task. Remember to be humble!


If the gods and goddesses answer you, is because you have reached their interest and receive their attention.


Keep playing the game, earning points and communicating with them from the temples. The Prime Temples are marked with their sign, as an image or banner also only in our domains and subdomains.


Very important, be punctual!


The Points Earned


May the gods and goddesses in prime self union communicate with you or not there is the possibility you accomplished the task correctly and there for earned some points.


In order to know how many points you have earned you need to register to our game platform.


You can play for several eons without register, just be sure to utilize always the same nick name and e-mail. Otherwise the gods and goddesses may not give attention to you. If in the hall of records your name appears, one day, they may invite you to listen to a private message.


As soon as you register, at any time, you will be able to see the tasks you have accomplished and the number of points given to you, also the gifts certificates available for trade (points earned) according to your player level.


Gift Certificates


Gift are given to those worth of attention, that have demonstrated courage, wisdom, a good heart and capability of observing the Prime Codex. Your behvaior, attitude and humbleness is important for the gods and goddesses to feel at easy with you, If you win their blessings, your path will become more easy or challenging, but by all means you will advance in your journey to the Prime Land quickly.


For example here:


Some times the gods and the goddesses in prime self union will decide to send you ablessing in the form of a gift, inviting you to an experience, to a school on the road, to a secret location or a hidden document, or maybe to meet them at a secret temple.


Be ready. Be on time.


When to join?


If you are reading this text now, is because the gods and goddesses in prime self union have chosen you already! Since when? you will get to know more about your relationship with them and why you have been chosen one day. If you earn their attention and their blessings.