The 9 Families

The 9 Families


The 9 families are the source of the 81 families. How to identify each family, their traits, function, skills and stages of development ? For the purpose of enhancing players perception the study of the 9 elements and the nordic star is necessary.


Every season, full day workshops, skype sessions, abroad traveling gatherings, will be scheduled, each of them with focus on a particular element.


For example: A Sun Dance Theta full day may be dedicated to the teaching and practice of methods associated to the ether element.


LARP: Life Action Role Play & Training


When you dedicate to study one element, you may enjoy to choose an activity you may prefer for your exploration and learning process. Learn by doing, playing, dancing, creating, being yourself!


The Activities


  • Sun Dance Theta: Meditative Dance Improvisation
  • The Rising of the Hearts : Conscious love relationships
  • Prime Yoga : Yoga
  • Prime Do : Meditative martial arts
  • The Golden Tree : Collective awareness
  • Collective Coaching: 9+ stages of development
  • Prime Breathing Theta Therapy : Self-Love
  • The Art of co-creation: collaboration
  • The Nordic Star: Sounding, geometry and light.
  • Story Telling: Symbolic language and primordial language
  • Perception out of the box; feeling, creating, doing, enjoying out of the box
  • Emotional Time Management, emotional process management
  • Ancient cultures and civilizations (Travel, Leisure and Adventure Program)
  • Peace Work, Ethics, Human Rights
  • The Primordial Economy



Advance your ability of self-management in the field of the 9 elements.


How to join ?


  • Register at this page, checkbox the element you are interested in, and the activities you may prefer. We will contact you as soon as any have been scheduled.


Play the Game of the Gods


  • Along each session you will be invited to complete individually assigned tasks, win points and receive gift certificates.
  • You may decide to use the gift certificates and points for trade for coaching, trainings, consultancy, products and other of our services