You are a guest of the Game Master,

You are a guest of the Game Master, Odin Theta Prime


The Gods have Chosen you!


Are you worthy of the Blessings of the Gods?


Odin Theta Prime would like to challenge you!


Your Mission: ” Understand the Nordic Star of the 9 Elements


Answer this question: Which are the main 3 key elements of the first triad of the Nordic Star? Which is the fourth element that brings them all together, into life?


In order to show to the gods the result of your quest, visit any Prime Temple along the road of your pilgrimage, and communicate with the gods and goddesses in prime self union at the right time and place, wish for their blessings.



QUOTE: “As soon as you register, at any time, you will be able to see the tasks you have accomplished and the number of points given to you, also the gifts certificates available for trade (points earned) according to your player level.”